Iceland Wedding Customs

Iceland is home to some of the most fabulous and exclusive wedding traditions that one could add to your special day. From centuries-old rituals to traditional dress and customs steeped in irrational belief, these icelandic practices will make your marriage one of a kind.

The Classic Iceland Wedding Ceremony

Customarily, an icelandic marriage takes place outside the house in the country’s beautiful natural environment. Costly event that includes deep meaning for the couple, their loved ones and friends.

The wedding feast day may be short, but the reception is often packed with performing, toasts and consuming. Hoop bearers, blossom girls and rice tossing are some of the more classic factors which might be part of Icelandic weddings.

Sword Exchanges

Another icelandic marriage tradition is the exchanging of swords between bride and soon-to-be husband. This is a practice that dates back for the Viking era. It is a sign of safeguard and strength.


Adding seating on your Iceland wedding is a great way to enhance beauty of the scenery and create a more chic look for the photos. It also allows your guests to participate in the service more easily.

A Special Headpiece

Some Icelandic couples like to wear a particular headpiece rather of the veil. This can be achieved by using a handkerchief which has been made from their/the groom-to-be’s christening gown, mother, MIL or sister’s wedding dress.


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